Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to get a permission for using ARTOLINK equipment?

The equipment operates in an unlicensed frequency range.
A certificate of the Ministry of Communications is sufficient.

Is the configuration process complicated?

Setting up the equipment is very simple and does not require special training. The vast majority of our users customize the equipment themselves. ient.

Does the equipment depend on weather conditions?

The inaccessibility of the channel depends on the distance and weather conditions in the installation region. Accessibility of communication for the southern regions is much better. The main reason for the possible interruption of communications is a strong fog

How is the equipment monitored?

Equipment monitoring is available both using proprietary software and SNMP-protocol

How close can man place the instruments next to each other?

Due to the narrow radiation beams, the optical blocks of equipment directed parallell practically do not affect each other with an angular distance between them of not less than 1 mrad. For a distance of 1 km, the minimum permissible distance is 1 m only.

How to implement the guidance of optical blocks on each other?

After installing the optical unit and connecting the cable, turn on the power.
Switch the operating mode of the automatic guidance system to the centering mode.
Aim at the opposing optical unit. At the hit moment, the corresponding indicator lights up in the opposite optical unit.
Put the automatic guidance system into automatic mode.
Tighten the optical unit fixing nut. The process is complete. 
The duration depends on the experience of the installer, its orientation on the terrain, the distance of communication and takes on time from tens of seconds to several minutes. In the future, in the process of operation, the exact guidance of optical blocks on each other is carried out automatically, practicing the deviations of the support to which they are mounted.

What’s wrong with your designer tastes, guys?

As our foreign customers say, the equipment has a “military style”. But the reliability of our equipment at the Kalashnikov assault rifle or Russian missile systems level.

I want a discount! I’m a supplier and after first deal will buy a lot!

Cheater! In 99% of cases it is an attempt to get the maximum discount for one order. We practice the first sale without discounts, but starting from the second order, we guarantee them! If your even the first order includes several sets, you are entitled to a discount