The terminals are designed to organize high-speed wireless secure communication channels between mobile objects at distances up to 80 km and have the following characteristics:

  • work in the optical range of waves, inability to intercept and block the communication channel;
  • installation on various carriers (manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, aerostats, ships, cars, etc) with cover thickness up to 1m;
  • 10 Gbps throughput (full-duplex) and more;
  • circular (up to hemisphere) viewing area;
  • double loop of the direction of communication stabilization;
  • real-time error correction (to compensate for atmospheric effects);
  • small size, weight and power consumption;
  • severe mechanical and climatic conditions of operation (-50 + 60 C, strikes up 100 g).
Distance20 km80 km
Data rates10 Gbps10 Gbps
Weight8 kg20 kg
Dimensions450x300x380 mm450x300x380 mm
Power consumption60 W100 W