The terminals are intended for the organization of high-speed communication channels at distances up to 50,000 km in outer space. The equipment can be used both in intersatellite communication channels and in the Space-Earth channels:

  • unified optical receiving-transmitting path and service information exchange protocol for any application scenarios;
  • function of measuring of the mutual angular coordinates and the inclined distance to the subscriber;
  • hemispherical viewing area with a double loop of the direction of communication stabilizing;
  • possibility of increasing the functions of equipment, considering the introduction of a quantum key distribution and video surveillance system (ERS);
  • the best transmission speed, dimensions, weight and power consumption.
Distance5 000 km50 000 km
Data rates10 Gbps (upgrade to 100 Gbps)1.25 Gbps
Weight16 kg50 kg
Autonomous Lifemore than 7 yearsmore than 7 years
Dimensions450x300x380 mm600x400x480 mm
Power consumption60 W100 W